Staten Island Construction Company Daggart Construction Corporation Takes Pride In Exceeding Customer Expectations

Eamon Shields the owner of Daggart Construction decided to emigrate from Ireland to Staten Island and start a construction business. He settled on Staten Island and founded Daggart Construction Corporation. Over the years, Daggart Construction Corporation has become a respected business in the New York City area. The company has even gone so far as to become a significant construction contractor for the Archdiocese of New York City.

Eamon came from a place where a hand shake means everything.  He is very proud of all the projects he has completed. He is most proud of the fact that with all of the projects that were completed, there never once was a Mechanic’s Lien filed on any of his projects and when the projects are completed Eamon always ends up being friends with the owner.

Daggart Construction Corporation, located on Staten Island was built on the idea that working hard and respecting the customer are the two most important parts of any project. When the job is done, the only thing that matters is that the customer is more than satisfied with the results. Daggart has used those two principles to build a successful construction company that continues to add more clients all over the New York City area.


Corporate Projects

Many companies will tell you that no job is too big, and no job is too small. But that idea means something very special with Daggart Construction Corporation.


Our Equipment

Any construction company that wants to take on the larger commercial projects in the New York City area needs to have access to the right resources and have the proper amount of experience.


On-Site Personell

The people who work for Daggart have years of construction experience. We know that, no matter who works for us, the Daggart name is what project owners will remember.